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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

 The Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)


Bio-identical Hormone

Aging can be a scary prospect. In addition to the general stress and pains of growing old, we go through a number of physical and mental changes. For women, menopause is a major concern while men deal with low testosterone and andropause. Many age-related issues are the result of hormonal imbalances. Your body has a complex collection of glands called the endocrine system. Each of these glands generates crucial hormones, such as testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. Excessive or reduced levels of these hormones can wreak havoc on your system.

Hormones play a vital role in the overall health and function of our bodies. As we get older, our body chemistry changes and we often develop deficiencies in our hormone balance. At first, we develop age-related symptoms, such as lower energy, weight gain, bloating, aches and pains, and mood changes but if left untreated can lead to many chronic health problems.

The symptoms often first appear in women in menopause, when estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone production starts to diminish. Menopause can also be caused at any age by a woman who has received a hysterectomy.

Some of the signs of menopause or related hormonal issues in women include:
• Weight Gain especially in the belly and hips
• Chronic Fatigue
• Depression, Anxiety, Irritability
• PMS/Hot Flashes
• Adult Acne
• Low Libido
• Bloating
• Memory Loss
• Night Sweats
• Insomnia
• Migraines
• Bone Density Loss
• Mood Swings
• Fibroids

Many women seek bio-identical hormone replacement as a way to combat menopause. After women hit a certain age, their body goes through this drastic change. BHRT is a way to fight aging and balance your hormones. It does this with the use of chemically and biologically identical hormones. This makes BHRT a better choice than conventional hormone replacement therapy, which uses synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones, horse estrogen, and synthetic progesterone do not have a structure comparable to human hormones and their levels cannot be properly checked after being administered, but natural hormones likes the ones used in BHRT can be carefully examined and monitored by blood tests.

Bioidentical hormones work to restore decreased hormone levels, by replacing them with the same hormone that the body is neglecting to produce. Such as, with the body’s primary sex hormones: progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. They effectively complement each other and work together to keep the body functioning normally. If one of these becomes unbalanced, it can cause the body to spiral out of control physically and mentally. Considering and treating these imbalances are key to what Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy provides. Regardless of the delivery method, men and women who are treated with BHRT see noticeable results. We do not replace hormones with synthetic chemicals, but restore your body’s natural, bioidentical hormones to their more youthful levels.

Those treated with BHRT can see:
• Weight Loss
• Increased Energy and Stamina
• Reduced Pain
• Improved Mood
• Regained Strength
• Reduced Risk of Certain Cancers
• Less Depression/Anxiety
• Normalization of Libido
• Reduction in “menstrual migraines”
• Relief of Menopause symptoms
• Protection against Osteoporosis
• Increased Mental Focus and Clarity

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with a hormone imbalance, our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy could benefit you. Reach out to the skilled Board Certified Physicians at Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness to learn more about this highly-effective treatment. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!

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