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Interventional Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management

Are you looking for an Integrated, Multi-Disciplinary office in Monmouth County, NJ that offers Interventional Pain Management Services?

            At Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness, we combine a multidisciplinary approach with compassionate care to specialize in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.  Our focus is the patient.  Every patient is an individual whose experience of pain is unique. Our philosophy is to tailor the treatment plan to the individual.

            We understand pain from the inside out. We know pain has many facets that require an interdisciplinary, multi-modal approach.  We understand that medical technology is invariably improving and we stay at the cutting edge of pain relieving treatments. This commitment to constant scientific discovery enables us to deliver state-of-the-art innovations to treat pain. The outcome for patients is the quickest access to the newest treatments and technology.

Why consider Interventional Pain Management?

            If you choose Interventional Pain Management, you should expect to take part in a comprehensive program that will not only help to reduce your pain, but that will also help you to manage future pain, and improve your quality of life. Perhaps the biggest advantage of interventional pain management is that it helps patients return to their daily physical activities sooner, and without the aid of pain medication or invasive surgery.

What should you expect if you choose Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness for your Interventional Pain Management Services?

            There are many ways to cure pain and prevent it from coming back. At Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness, we treat it with Regenerative Medicine which includes Stem Cell Therapy and Amniotic Fluid Allografts as well as other restorative services including Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Acupuncture.  These forms of healing help the body heal itself and prevent future pain. The form that is best for you is dependent upon your individual needs of which we’ll work with you to meet.

            For the past several years, we’ve been proudly helping our patients located in Hazlet, NJ, Keyport, NJ, Middletown, NJ, Keansburg, NJ, Matawan, NJ, South Amboy, NJ, Holmdel, NJ, Aberdeen, NJ, Union Beach, NJ and Atlantic Highlands, NJ feel better. To schedule an appointment to learn more about our interventional pain management services, fill out our contact form or call the office. Please also don’t hesitate to browse our site to learn more about the treatment options and procedures we offer.

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