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Durable Medical Equipment (DME)


Durable Medical Equipment (DME)


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At Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness, we provide our patients with medical rehabilitation equipment needed to assist in their recovery process. Durable Medical Equipment is often prescribed for and fitted to our patients in our office as part of a recommended treatment plan. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) products include walking boots, splints, braces, crutches, TENs units, Traction devices, Diabetic supplies as well as other items.

We also can perform the fitting of our patients for pre/post operative braces before/after any surgery in our office to not only ensure proper fit, but to ensure that the patient is fully educated on how to properly utilize the brace to ensure optimal healing. All of our products are custom fitted by one of the Board Certified Physicians on staff.

Each product provided within our office has its own unique purpose. Braces are typically used to properly align, position, support and stabilize certain body parts. Walkers, canes and crutches are designed to aid in walking and to help keep weight off of injured or weak legs while assisting with balance.

Other products are meant to protect injured body parts from further damage or pain during the healing process or to stabilize body parts during normal physical or daily activities. The Clinical Staff at Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness will be more than happy to explain the purpose of any product that is prescribed to you. Think of this as a medical supply store within our office!

Here is a brief list of some of the specialty products that we offer:

• Custom Braces
• “Off the Shelf” Braces
• Compression Supports
• Posture Correctors
• Upper Extremity Orthotics
• Lower Extremity Orthotics
• Traction Units
• TENs Units
• Hot/Cold Therapy
• Diabetic Supplies
• Compression Devices
• Pillows
• Canes
• Crutches
• Walkers
• Wheelchairs
• Bathroom Safety Equipment


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At Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness, we are very knowledgeable about insurance coverage for such products and we work to help our patients understand your coverage related to DME. All of our DME is priced within market standards, in the event that insurance will not cover the necessary equipment. In addition, we offer many accommodating and affordable cash plans for these rare situations. Since our products are custom fitted, they cannot be returned.

The Clinical Staff at Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness will explain this to you verbally and provide you with paperwork that you will sign acknowledging that you understand the reasons for this policy.
Do you need any DME but your medical office does not have the product? Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness will take walk-in patients from other medical offices for DME products. If you’d like further details or would like information on a specific DME product, contact us today at 732-END PAIN. We look forward to providing you with the right product for your condition or injury.

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