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Personal Injury Care

Personal Injury Care in Hazlet, NJ

Unfortunately, many people can relate to having been involved in a motor vehicle collision (MVC) at some point in their lives. Whether it was a major accident or a minor one, MVC’s are no fun and can cause a variety of minor to serious injuries to those persons in the vehicles. With more distracted drivers’ texting and speaking on their phones, MVC’s are on the rise, making for much more dangerous roadways.  

While we cannot control other people’s behaviors, we can certainly drive more cautiously and defensively to hopefully avoid being in a car accident. Unfortunately, MVC’s do happen despite our best efforts, so being prepared and having a plan in mind is key to recovering quickly and getting back on our feet again.  The financial implications of a MVC, as well as the interruption of your daily routine due to injuries sustained are also major detriments that may take years to recover from.

Does a person get injured in a car accident when the car sustains no damage? Unfortunately the auto insurance industry, would of course say absolutely not.  They would say that since the car is visibly intact, there is no way your body could have sustained an injury. This is simply a generalization, but it is our experience that auto insurers try to avoid paying on a claim because there is little to no damage to the car.

These types of cases are extremely difficult to fight, and sadly leave many victims by the wayside to deal with the burden and suffering of permanent injuries.  It is estimated that over 300,000 people each year suffer from debilitating pain from auto accident injuries.  These injuries lead to disability and years of pain just because you are not able to get the appropriate care after your accident.

Even “small” car collisions where there are no visible signs of damage to the vehicle can generate enough g-force, or force of gravity, to damage the delicate anatomical structures of the head, neck and spine. In fact, while a jet plane exerts about 9 g’s of velocity change on your spine, a 36 mile per hour collision exerts over 10 g’s while a 6 mile per hour collision exerts over 13 g’s. 

This is caused by a change in velocity (moving objects abruptly colliding and stopping) combined with the vehicle’s “crush” factor.  Newer model vehicles are designed to leave occupants “room to live.” This is accomplished by the front and rear of the vehicles crushing and absorbing the force of the collision. At 6 miles per hour, the vehicles involved in the accident do not crush. As a result, the force goes through the human occupant.

Ironically, ER doctors will tell a patient injured in an auto accident that he or she is okay, typically meaning that there was no fracture or gross dislocation to the spine.  However, they are not taking into account the soft tissue structures (muscle, tendon, ligament, disc, nerve) or overall structure of the spine. In many cases, problems associated with these injuries may remain dormant for days or even weeks before they manifest, especially in low speed car collisions.

Treatment for injuries can be covered by your Auto Insurance policy, or in the absence of coverage, our offices can discuss your rights and options. Our team of skilled physicians has served thousands of patients who have been injured from auto accidents.  Call or email NOW to schedule a consultation with our team.

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