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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

   Joint and Muscle pain become more common, more noticeable and sometimes more debilitating as you age.

    The cartilage in the joint breaks down, and soon you experience the pain of bone rubbing on bone. As we age our muscles undergo a number of physiologic changes including: shrinking, losing mass, decreased number/size of muscle fibers and decreased water content. When you’re joint and/or muscle decays enough and the pain gets unbearable, you may opt for surgery or harmful pain medications. But there is another option to consider.

    Regenerative Medicine is one of our treatment options that help heal and regenerate damaged tissue, using the patient’s own stem cells to facilitate the process. Stem cells have the ability to stimulate and improve healing of damaged tissue and are found in tissues throughout the body.

      By delivering targeted injections of stem cells into the problem area they help rebuild/regenerate your bone, cartilage and soft tissue from the inside out, naturally. Other ways Regenerative Medicine treatments can help patients include:

• Reduce pain and swelling
• Accelerate post-surgical recovery
• Increase flexibility and range of motion
• Regenerate cartilage
• Improve balance and coordination

     Regenerative medicine improves and strengthens the joints and muscles of your body over time.

     It doesn’t mask your symptoms or provide temporary relief like surgery or harmful pain medications. If a patient has been recommended to undergo a surgical procedure and is looking to avoid the same, then regenerative medicine may be the answer.

     If you have your reasons against surgery, if you’re too young or old for surgery, if you have too many other medical conditions that make you a poor candidate for surgery, if you’re a weekend warrior or athlete that wants to avoid surgery, or help prevent problems later in life, then regenerative medicine is an alternative to consider. Surgery is a severe measure that requires weeks to months of agony/discomfort, physical rehabilitation and carries a high risk of potential side effects, some life threatening.

       Our goal at Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness is to find effective treatments that help patients with chronic pain, injuries or disabilities gain a higher quality of life.

      Rather than merely trying to bury your symptoms under a pile of prescriptions, the Board Certified Physicians at Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness get down to the root cause of your symptoms.

      We are passionate about helping people eliminate pain and avoid surgery using minimal to no prescription medications. Whenever possible, we strive to find treatments that restore function and relieve pain through conservative, non-invasive therapy.


 Knee Injuries including Ligament, Meniscus, Soft Tissue and Arthritis issues
 Hip Injuries including Ligament, Bursa, Soft Tissue and Arthritis issues
 Foot and Ankle Injuries including Ligament, Nerve, Soft Tissue and Arthritis issues
 Shoulder Injuries including Ligament, Bursa, Rotator Cuff, Labrum, Nerve and Arthritis issues
 Back and Neck Injuries including Disc, Nerve, Soft Tissue, Ligament and Arthritis issues
 Hand and Wrist Injuries including Ligament, Soft Tissue, Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis issues
 Elbow Injuries including Ligament, Soft Tissue, Bursa, Nerve and Arthritis issues
 Anti-Aging and Hair Restoration

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