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  • Relaxation, Sedation, Sleep
  • Uplifting, Physical activity, Creativity

Indica or Sativa?

         Choosing to obtain your medical marijuana card opens the door to many options for treatment of your pain and condition. Learning some basics about medical marijuana will give you the foundation you need to take control of your health. Navigating the type of cannabis can be confusing. Fortunately, most dispensaries have educated staff that can help guide you.

One of the first questions you may hear is,  Indica or Sativa?

         Why? Because consuming medical marijuana can mean more than just managing your condition. Marijuana can make you feel chill, support relaxation, even support sleep. Or, it can support your creativity, boost social experiences, and provide a lift during physical activity.  Finding the right cannabis product starts by experimenting with different strains. Stripping back the complexities of the cannabis plant for a moment, we find a basic acknowledgment in differences in indica and sativa.

         Today, many dispensaries use this as a starting point to help you choose your product. As we dive into the differences between indica and sativa, it’s important to note that there are many factors that can produce different effects. To date, there is no clear reason why some strains are perfect for a night cap while others promote creativity and activity. Finding the strain that works best for you takes trial and experimentation.

Its Chemistry

         Until we know more about the chemical composition of indica and sativa plants and why they may produce these effects, we can only find what works best for us through experimentation. Not all indica strains will sedate you. Not all sativa strains will lift you up. Knowing this before consumption can help mitigate any confusion if the strain doesn’t make you feel the way you expect it to.

There are several reasons why an indica product may be relaxing to you and stimulating to someone else.

1) The chemical makeup of the cannabis plant and how it interacts with your body chemistry.

2) For beginners, low tolerance may be a factor.

3) Varying effects based on the dose.

4) Consumption method.

5) Terrapenes

         Therefore, it is often recommended to dose slowly to maintain some control of the effects of the cannabis.

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