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Who doesn’t love a little bit of snow during the winter months? Anyone from New Jersey and New York knows their way around a good snow storm and have had years of experience to develop proper shoveling techniques. Here are a few tips to keep you safe this winter. If you have pain after shoveling, be sure to call the office so you can heal properly. Muscular injuries can take time to heal and we can help speed up that process to get you back to your everyday activities!
  • S T R E T C H before and after shoveling! Stretching is important and should be part of your daily routine- but when shoveling, it is extra important that your muscles are prepared for the workout, and that they have time to recover after your driveway is cleared
  • DO NOT lift the snow! If you can- push the snow to the sides, or use a small shovel so you do not overload
  • Lift with your LEGS not your back! This is a great way to get squats in without going to the gym. Your legs are strong and can support the weight of the snow much better than your back.
  • DO NOT TWIST and lift. This puts extra stress on your discs. Perform motions in a linear fashion- you are not an amusement park ride… don’t bend, twist, lift, and shimmy all around. It’s the perfect recipe for injury.
  • HYDRATE! If you are a current patient of mine, you know I am constantly telling you to drink extra water. Shoveling is hard work and will certainly cause to sweat. Make sure you properly hydrate and drink water. (Hot chocolate is okay too… but then you have to add in another glass of water!)
  • Take frequent BREAKS. would often shovel a small area, take a break (to drink water and stretch!) and then go back to shoveling. It may take longer but your back will thank you.
            Be careful of ICE too. Stay safe out there- but we’re here if slip/fall occurs or if you wake up the next day with pain. Remember, pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Don’t ignore the pain and push through it. We can help you.  Call Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness now and take your life back !! Stretching, stretching
Let it snow

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