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After a peak in hormone production in the later teenage years, most men experience a decline starting around age 30. This begins a steady hormonal decline that continues throughout a man’s life, with the average male over age 30, losing 1% of his testosterone every year. This may go unnoticed until around age 40 when he experiences low energy, increase in belly fat, low sex drive/libido, hair loss and numerous other complications. If you can relate to these frustrations, testosterone replacement therapy can be an effective anti-aging treatment. The key is in recognizing the impact of low testosterone levels, also known as Low T, and doing something about it.
  1. Low Libido – Sexual performance issues and testosterone, such as loss of desire, are usually one of the first signs men notice of low testosterone, or the first sign that they care about, anyway!
  2. Weight Gain – Testosterone is essential for fat metabolism and proper insulin production. Men with low-T tend to put on weight much easier than when they were younger and testosterone levels were higher. It also becomes more difficult to lose weight, or to build muscle, when your testosterone levels are low.
  3. Loss of lean muscle – Testosterone is not only essential for burning fat, it is critical for building and maintaining muscle mass. Bone density is also affected by low testosterone.
  4. Depression and anxiety – Depression, anxiety and other mood swings such as irritability, are also signs of low T.
  5. Hair Loss – Testosterone plays a role in hair growth. Balding, along with loss of facial or body hair, can be a sign of low T.
  6. Fatigue and lack of energy – Classic symptoms of low-T is a feeling of general lack of energy, along with low motivation, fatigue and lethargy.
  7. Cognitive difficulties – Issues with memory, focus, and a general drop in other cognitive difficulties, can be indicative of low testosterone
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We are learning more everyday about how low testosterone levels effect men emotionally, as well as physically, and how your personal and professional performance are all impacted by the decrease in testosterone that happens as you get older. The good news is, testosterone therapy can help you get back to the top of your game, and regain your competitive edge.          If you are over 30 and you are experiencing any of the above “7 signs,” and you choose to do nothing, you will continue to feel worse, look worse, and perform worse. And now, for the good news          Just as low T caused all these issues, raising your T levels can shrink it again. The experts at Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness will custom design a Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) based on how low your levels are and what kind of symptoms you’re experiencing. Once your T reaches a healthier, more youthful level, you’ll start shedding the fat and gaining muscle again. Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can:
  • Make you feel younger, more energetic and stronger overall
  • Clear up foggy thinking, and improve cognition
  • Improve libido and problems related to low sex drive
  • Make you feel less irritable, anxious, or depressed
         There really is only one way to know if your physical and emotional issues are related to Low T or something else.  Don’t give up on yourself, take your life back and contact Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness today and schedule a free consultation!
Testosterone Replacement

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